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It's In The Cards
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Hey Ringlets! A lot happens this week, so let's get right to the story. We return right were we left off last week. Andrew has just been shot. Bridget applies pressure to the wound (and gives us epic Buffy boo-boo face), while Solomon calls 911. Meanwhile, Agent Victor "Guyliner" Machado is off in hot pursuit of the shooter. He confronts the masked man in an alley, but then a club lets out so the shooter runs into the crowd. Guyliner pursues him and almost stops him from hopping a fence. For a second, I think he's going to pants the guy, but instead he just rips off his back pocket. Something falls to the ground. The perp kicks Guyliner in his handsome face and gets away. Guyliner picks up the fallen item. It's a tarot card -- the Tower. Title card.

Juliet finds Bridget in the hospital waiting room. Bridget tells Juliet that someone tried to shoot her and Andrew jumped in front of the bullet. He's in surgery right now and it will be a few hours before they know anything. Poor Juliet. Bridget is the best mother she'll ever have.

Over at Gramercy Park, Shiv and Henry are sleeping when he gets a phone call from Juliet telling him about the shooting. When Henry tells Shiv there was a shooting at the loft, she nearly has a hate-gasm as she asks, "Bridget?" She's surprised to hear that it's Andrew. Henry's off to pick up a few things from Park Ave and bring them to the hospital.

FBI Office: Guyliner exposits to Agent Handsome about the symbolism behind the Tower tarot card. I will spare you. Guyliner figures the shooter is on his way to Canada now, so there's no sense focusing on him. Instead, he wants to look at the fact that all these Martin/Charles employees -- Tyler, Malcolm, Andrew -- are dead, missing or injured. Handsome says SEC Agent Lanfair reports the Martin/Charles case is going on the back burner, because without Tyler, they have no evidence. Guyliner is frustrated that the growing body count isn't keeping the case front and center. He hands the tarot card off to Handsome. "You can figure out why our hitman was carrying that." Meanwhile, Guyliner will try to figure out how Malcolm got involved in this mess. Hopefully, Andrew will survive to give them some answers.

When Henry arrives at the hospital, Juliet is sleeping with her head in Bridget's lap. Henry takes in Bridget's tears as he offers to get her coffee and asks how Andrew is. She tells him someone tried to shoot her and Andrew saved her. Henry asks, "Who'd want to shoot you?" Is it just me or does Bridget almost look guilty as she says, "I don't know." I was gonna crack that the list is too long to sum up, but it may just be Macawi and Shiv. Soon, the surgeon comes out and reports Andrew did just fine and will make a full recovery. Juliet's awake now. Henry cocks his head with interest, as he watches the warm embrace between Bridget and Juliet.

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