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As Juliet and Bridget enter Park Ave, Juliet pleads with "Shiv" not to tell Andrew, because he'll hate her forever. Bridget looks pretty determined to come clean with Andrew though, at least about this -- and at least until she finds Agent Guyliner in her fake bedroom with her fake husband. After Juliet and Andrew hug, Bridget sends Juliet to her room and then asks Guyliner why he's there. He has information about the shooting. Guyliner tells her a body has been found. We flash back to the park. Guyliner covers his nose and mouth. The cops uncover the corpse's face. It's not Malcolm. Yay!

Back in the present, Guyliner tells Bridget and Andrew that it was Daniel Eknath, one of Macawi's lieutenants. Can't any of these people be named John Smith? He also tells her Malcolm's wallet was found near the spot. Bridget's eyes brim with tears as she asks if Eknath killed Malcolm. Guyliner isn't sure, but it doesn't look good. Guyliner believes Eknath is the person who shot at Bridget-as-Shiv and hit Andrew. He figures Eknath didn't know that Bridget has a twin sister. When Eknath aimed his gun at Bridget-as-Shiv, he thought he was aiming at Bridget -- you know, because he was. Guyliner tells them that if Macawi believes "Shiv" is Bridget, he'll come after her again. Grr argh.

Okay, I'm just about out of time, but I've had two stray thoughts throughout this episode. There's a little crazy, but hey they're about Ringer so the bar is already low. Part of me likes to think that Shiv went to Bodaway and said she'd lure Bridget away from Machado, so Bodaway could kill her. That's why Bodaway's man, Officer Jimmy, was willing to cooperate with Shiv. Also, I somehow think that Catherine and Olivia are in cahoots about something or other. Just think of that until next time.

I'll back next week with coverage of "Let's Kill Bridget." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread, where we pack for every kind of weather.

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