That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

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It's In The Cards

Shiv has been waiting for four hours by the time Henry gets home to Gramercy Park. Shiv can't figure out why the person Andrew hired to shoot her aimed instead at Andrew. Henry explains that Andrew took the bullet for Bridget-as-Shiv.

Henry: Why would he put a hit out on his wife and then change his mind?

Shiv: Because somehow, my bitch sister made him fall in love with her.

Audience: Bitch sister? She's forgotten that Bridget isn't really Siobhan, too!

Henry -- who is getting the creepy lighting treatment that Andrew has received the last few weeks -- tells Siobhan that Andrew and Bridget truly are in love and that her family is doing so much better without her. I kind of like him right now. Then he proposes an alternative theory. He suggests Shiv just said Andrew was going to kill her to hide that she's the real murderer.

Henry: I think you put a hit out on Bridget, and you've been trying to frame Andrew, all along.

Shiv: That's insane.

Audience: THAT'S insane?

Henry: Insanity is believing you, you sociopathic liar.

Shiv: I love you. Everything I've done is for us and our children.

Henry: Like the paternity is a sure thing. Get yer boney arse out of my house. Now.

Recapper: Damn. I might have to stop calling him "Tool Belt."

The next morning Bridget is sleeping in a chair at Andrew's bedside. When he stirs, she jumps to her feet and calls him Superman. His first question is whether the gunman has been caught. His second question is where things stand between the two of them. Bridget answers it with a kiss. She soon asks why Andrew went to Malcolm's hotel room. Andrew says Olivia suggested they bribe Malcolm to get out of town. Andrew apologizes for his part in all this and for not being honest from the beginning. Bridget then makes a confession of her own. She tells her about the guy who attacked her at the loft -- and that she killed him. The body disappeared and Bridget was too scared to tell anyone. When Andrew asks why she didn't tell him, Bridget says she wasn't sure he wasn't involved. He says that the time he threatened her, he didn't mean it. Even in their darkest hours he would never hurt her. Since he took a bullet for her and all, Bridget's pretty sure he means it. She also figures Malcolm is not the one who texted her to come to the loft. She wonders if he told Olivia that Shiv-as-Bridget is aware of the Ponzi scheme at Martin/Charles. Andrew says she is. He was to handle Shiv-as-Bridget and Malcolm and Olivia would take care of Tyler Barrett.

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