That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

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It's In The Cards

Andrew: You don't think?

Bridget: Oh yeah I do.

Tim Arbogast arrives at Gramercy Park. He's there to take the invisi-twins off Henry's hands. Henry had another reason for asking him over though. He tells Tim to get his money out of Martin/Charles. Tim says his investment is making money hand over fist.

Guyliner arrives at the hospital with questions for Andrew and Bridget-as-Shiv. He asks why Andrew was at Malcolm's hotel two days ago. He knows a Brit asked to see the surveillance video. Andrew lies that he was concerned for Malcolm's whereabouts. When the desk clerk told Andrew that Malcolm checked out, Andrew asked about the tapes. Guyliner pokes at Andrew about this a little more, but Andrew sticks to his story. Bridget is shocked to hear Malcolm was on his way to the FBI office when he disappeared -- to give a statement about Macawi kidnapping him. Guyliner also asks if Andrew has heard from Olivia. He hasn't. When Guyliner leaves, Bridget starts to blame herself for asking Andrew to give Malcolm a job, but Andrew stops her. He says that no one knew what Olivia was capable of.

Andrew: That woman's never been a victim in her entire life.

Juliet: I wanna say the episode title!

Recapper: I think you're being punished for that whole Carpenter scheme, Jules. Now you're not in this scene, so shoo.

Bridget: Well, we need to find Olivia and I know just the guy who can do it.

Solomon knocks on Olivia's door. When there's no answer, he picks the lock and lets himself in. The place is relatively tidy, although we get a quick shot of what looks a piece of empty luggage and a sweater or something lying on the floor. There's unopened mail too. Solomon looks through the paperwork, but finds nothing of consequence. Then he sees a notepad. He rubs a pencil over the top sheet to reveal what had been written on it, before. Sheeesh, Olivia bears down hard when she writes. Then again, she has that vampire strength. Anyhow, the rubbing reveals it reads: "ZS 1231 2." Before Sol leaves, he looks at Olivia's phone. The last outgoing call was to the police on February 26, 2012 at 11:20 AM. Note: The show came back from winter hiatus three weeks later than it was scheduled to. Had it come back as scheduled and run without interruption, we would have seen that episode on February 28. In other words, that call was placed just a day or two ago in show time. Solomon leaves the apartment, just as the manager is leading Agent Guyliner and a uniformed officer up the stairs. Solomon runs up a flight to see and hear without being detected.

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