That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

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It's In The Cards

Catttie is waiting in the foyer, just staring at the ginormous photo of Shiv. It's just a momentary sight gag. I don't even know if it qualifies as a sight gag, but it cracks me up. Cattie comments that Juliet is traveling light. Juliet claims she has everything she needs.

Buffy: Oh c'mon, Nice Me! Clearly the kid is going to run! She's not listening. Why is she not listening?

Recapper: You're asking me that? Do you know how different your life would be if... never mind. Let's get back to Ringer.

The elevator arrives. Juliet and Catherine enter.

Bridget: Juliet, you can call us anytime, day or night.

Juliet: Do me a favor, Siobhan? Lose my number.

Audience: That's gotta sting.

As Juliet and Cattie make their way to the car, Juliet asks if they can stop by the school so she can say goodbye to a few people. Catherine foolishly agrees. As they enter the car, we zoom out. Then we see red frames around them, as if someone is taking surveillance photos.

Henry is at home when he gets Shiv's voice mail about going to the hospital to tell Andrew everything.

Guyliner enters the Finer Dry Cleaning shop and asks the woman at the desk for Remy Osterman. She says he's not in and asks to take a message. Guyliner pulls out the tarot card. She says there used to be a woman in the shop who did readings on the side. The boss liked the cards, so he gave them out as coupons. When the woman died a year ago, they stopped the promotion. Guyliner notes that using the card as a coupon is a little weird, since there's nothing on it that identifies the shop's name or address. She chalks that up to being the boss's call. Guyliner confirms that Remy Osterman is the boss and asks when he's expected in. The woman gets twitchy and says the boss doesn't give her his schedule. Guyliner gives her his business card and asks her to have the boss call him. Once Guyliner leaves the shop, the woman picks up her phone and makes a call. "The card just came in, courtesy of FBI Agent Victor Machado." Out in his car, Guyliner makes a call to the office and says he wants everything they can dig up on the dry cleaners. "They're hiding something. We're going to find it."

Shiv is wearing a big black winter coat when she enters Andrew's hospital room. Henry rushes down the hall, but he has to submit to being frisked before he can get in the room. He bursts in the door and asks Shiv if they can talk, then asks Andrew how he's feeling. As Shiv walks out with Henry, Andrew's phone rings and I get REALLY EXCITED, JUST POSITIVE THAT IT WILL BE BRIDGET ON THE PHONE, so of course we cut away to the corridor. Blast.

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