That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

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It's In The Cards

Henry asks if Shiv told Andrew the truth. She hasn't, but she wants the lies to end. Shiv, I'm pretty sure if all your lies ended, you'd just cease to exist. She says they can start over somewhere else. Since Shiv is willing to throw it all away and make a fresh start, Henry is getting stupid again, so I guess I don't have to worry about giving up the Tool Belt nickname anytime soon. I'm sad for him, though. He grew so much when he tossed Shiv to the curb and now he's undoing it all. His one saving grace? I think he's a bit of a Bridget/Andrew 'shipper, which is really kind of sweet. Shiv swears nothing means anything if they can't be together. Henry says he wants to be together. She promises she won't hide anything from him anymore.

Audience: Note that "anymore" Henry. You still don't know she was responsible for having Gemma kidnapped by the guy who ultimately killed her.

Henry says Shiv isn't the only person who has been hiding things. And you know what he's been hiding? Well, you probably do because you likely already watched the episode, but we're not going to find out quite yet because Bridget is coming down the hall. Shiv takes off before she's spotted. Henry meets up with Bridget in the hall and tells her Andrew's doing fine, but Henry's going to hit the road because he's got a lot to do. I keep waiting for him to make up something to talk about with her, so that when she returns to the room and Andrew asks what Henry wanted, Bridget won't think something is weird. But then I remember Henry is still our Tool Belt. Silly me.

Bridget enters Andrew's hospital room. She oh so coincidentally happens to be wearing exactly what Real Shiv was wearing, so Andrew seemingly still has no clue that he's being duped. To be fair to our Welsh Rarebit, though, he's got other concerns. As you've surely figured out by now, it wasn't Bridget who called. It was Catherine who called. Juliet is missing. What a non-surprise. Commercial.

At the hospital, Catherine explains about taking Juliet to school to say goodbye to her friends.

Cattie: She went into the bathroom and the next thing I knew, she was gone.

Audience: Did she bring her suitcase into the school with her? How about the bathroom?

Andrew: Why the hell did you let her out of your sight?

Cattie: I was outside for three seconds. I didn't think she needed me to help her wipe.

Andrew: She'd have been safer here, with us.

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