That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life

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It's In The Cards

Cattie: I'm going back to the school to look for her. What is the address?

Andrew: 1281 Second Avenue.

Bridget: I'm very good at anagrams and puzzles.

Andrew: How's that now?

Bridget: Look at this rubbing. It reads: ZS 1231 2. Do you think the 3 could be an 8? Zachary Secor 1281 2nd Avenue.

Cop: What's that?

Andrew: Here police officer, take a look at this paper we got from a guy we paid to break into Olivia's apartment, because that's not illegal or anything, right?

Cop: That's the school's street address.

Andrew: I think Olivia Charles is the one who took Juliet.

Back at his Gramercy home, Tool Belt smooches Siobhan and then confesses he didn't tell her the whole truth about Tyler Barrett. In a flashback, we watch Henry get a maid to let him into Tyler's room. He claims he left the key inside. She says it happens all the time. Henry hands her a tip and goes inside. While he's digging for the flash drive, he's surprised by Tyler who has been in the bathroom. Tyler, poor noodle, still thinks Henry is Siobhan's brother. Henry scoffs and asks Tyler if he can't see he's being used. Tyler tells Henry he's been sleeping with Shiv for months. Henry sighs and says he just wants the flash drive. Tyler punches Henry. The whole thing devolves into fisticuffs and yet I am not your action recapper. In their struggle, the two men fall to the floor. Tyler bangs the back of his head on a table. And he's dead. Henry tries to catch his breath, then he rifles through Tyler's pockets for the flash drive. When he finds it, he plants a duplicate in Tyler's pocket.

Back in the present, Henry tells Shiv it was an accident. He didn't tell her because after learning she was screwing Tyler, he couldn't trust her. Shiv meekly takes the blame and apologizes for getting him mixed up in everything. She says since they now have the flash drive, it should all be over soon, but Henry confesses he gave it to Tim Arbogast as proof he should pull his investment.

Andrew's home from the hospital wearing a sling on his right arm, but since he's sure Olivia took the kid, he's blaming himself for her disappearance. If he hadn't agreed to the Ponzi scheme, he'd still have his girl at home. Bridget tells him to stop. All that matters is finding Juliet and they will. She can't figure out what Olivia would want with Juliet. Andrew says all he can figure is that Olivia is going to use Juliet to blackmail Andrew into shouldering all the blame for the scheme.

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