That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Who's The Matador And Who's The Bull?

Anyhow, Bridget feels like ass, because she doesn't have anything for Andrew. When he tells her he already has everything she needs, Bridget's eyes go all soft. Finally, she says, "I love you." Andrew says he loves her too, and notes how long it's been since they've said that. I really have to wonder what the hell was wrong with Siobhan, that she prefers Henry, to this wonderful Welshman. They kiss and Buffy looks at Andrew knowingly. Yeah, yeah, I know this is Bridget, but that look was pure Buffy.

Kissing leads them to their candlelit bedroom, where they make love. It's clear this Bridget's first time with Andrew, and the love scene is soft skin, artfully placed sheets, mood lighting and music. My fellow Buffy fans will feel me, when I say it's more Buffy and Angel, than Buffy and Spike. Thank goodness. After the lovin', they fall asleep in each other's arms. Bridget smiles, like you do, when you've just shagged Ioan Gruffudd for the first time, and your eye makeup hasn't smudged -- not even one little bit.

Morning: Bridget is walking through the penthouse alone, which makes me worry that Andrew lost his soul, went out and fed on a hooker, and then caught up with Spike and Dru at the old factory. The doorman calls to announce Malcolm. While Bridget awaits his arrival, she turns to stare at the oversized black and white of Siobhan. A: I like it better when it had WHORE scrawled across. B: I would so have taken that thing down, because it is 10 types of creepy and 20 types of cringe-worthy vanity. Juliet comes down the hall and snarks, "Big sister's watching you." This catches Bridget off guard, because well YEAH. Juliet explains she was just punning on Big Brother. Bridget fakes a smile and wishes Juliet, and her inappropriately short skirt, a good day at school.

When Malcolm arrives, Bridget is eager to learn what he's found on John's cell phone. The most important thing he's learned? It's not John's cell. It's GEMMA'S! Oh man, I hope someone gets that girl out of the basement, soon. Commercial.

Paris, Day: Shiv, wearing ginormous sunglasses, finds Tyler at their bar. He doesn't want to hear her excuses, but she pleads for five minutes. She lies that Andrew found out she was in Paris and asked her to come back and work things out. Since they've been married for six years, she had to at least try. I laugh out loud when she adds, "I have a step-daughter," because clearly, Shiv was more of the Disney step-mother mold, than the Brady Bunch mold. Anyhow, Shiv keeps working Ty. Eventually, she tells him things with Andrew didn't work out. She removes her sunglasses, to reveal a huge shiner on her left eye. Tyler's all, "He hit you?" We flash back to...

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