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Who's The Matador And Who's The Bull?

Whenever: Guyliner asks Tara if she has heard more about Macawi's guy on the inside (of the police force). Tara: "No. He just keeps calling him the Matador." I already made the expected Xander/comfortador reference in the recaplet, and I'm trying not to be too hackish, so...um... there you go. Anyhow, Tara hasn't seen or heard anything else. At the end of the flashback she adds, "Hey Vic, if you find Bridget, tell her I miss her." Goodbye, Tara. I'm sorry you got shot dead. Again. [Hey, I died twice. --Buffy]

Present: Jimmy is a little miffed that he's been working with Guyliner for two years, and he never told him he had another informant. Guyliner explains he just started working with Tara and promised he'd keep her secret, even from his colleagues. He tells Jimmy the inside man on the force uses the nickname the Matador. Yeah, Jimmy's totally the Matador. And what kind of a bullshit alias is that? Oh yeah, I went there. Look, I just got back from a week at Disney World. I don't expect you to feel bad for me, about that but I need you to accept the fact that I am too old exhausted to resist all my hackishness.

Gramercy Park West: Bridget meets with Henry (Tool Belt) to inform him that while she enlisted "Charlie's" help to find Gemma, it seems "Charlie" is responsible for Gemma's disappearance. Tool Belt: "Why is it that all roads lead back to Siobhan Martin?" Oh Tool Belt, you don't even know...which makes me wonder something I should have mentioned before. Okay, so Officer Jimmy (who SPOILER we're going to find out is the Matador, but c'mon, we already know that) is not only Bodaway Macawi's inside man on the police force, he's also working for Siobhan and John, or was, in that he encouraged Bridget to run and planted his gun in her bag. What I want to know now (but will not find out, at least until fricking January) is if there is any connection (other than Bridget, that is) between Siobhan and Macawi. I hope there is, Show. The more twisted and over the top you get, the better you'll be. Work it, baby. Work it.

Okay, where was I? Well, there's all this back and forth between Tool Belt and Bridget about how involved she is with Gemma's disappearance. She admits Malcolm is helping her, too. Tool Belt: "Who--who the hell is Malcolm? [...] Another friend helping out. That's awesome, Siobhan. That's awesome. So who is he going to turn out to be -- a mob boss, a serial killer, Al-Qaeda?" Whee!

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