That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Who's The Matador And Who's The Bull?

Bridget insists she's just trying to find Gemma and she's there to enlist Tool Belt's help. Really, Bridget? I feel stupid for expecting you to have a teeny bit more street smarts than that. Tool Belt tells her to stay out of it and let the police do their job. Bridget turns to leave, which I wasn't going to mention, but what the heck is that hanging off her ass? She's wearing some sort of black coat, with royal blue tails. Tails, really? Besides almost getting you murdered, letting you think she's dead, and otherwise screwing with your life, Bridget, I swear Shiv must have gone out and bought the wackiest clothes possible, in hopes that you would -- should the rest of her machinations fail -- die of humiliation. Seriously, B, your wardrobe selection alone, should clue you in on the fact that your sister has set you up, big time.

High School: Mr. "Logan" Carpenter is leading the students in some clean-up the school contrivance. When he thanks Tessa Troublemaker for her help, she reminds him she's only there because she has detention. Juliet and her New, Now Nameless Black Best Friend Forever (NNNBBFF) are leaning against the lockers as Logan passes by. Juliet purrs to NNNBBFF that Mr. C is so hot. NNNBBFF reminds Juliet that Logan wears ties and is all old and stuff. My soul weeps. Juliet rises to my emotional defense, says he's only 30, and ties are hot. "Besides, Bella married Edward when she was a teenager, and he's like...400." (Bella and Edward, Show? Really? Buffy is so disappointed.) When Logan hands trash bags to Juliet and NNNBBFF, something goes wrong with my picture. Everything is all pixelated and the audio is messed up, too, but I don't think anything important happens. [Note: Correct! -- RS.] Juliet is flirty with Logan. He's all business in return, and NNNBBFF laughs. Once Logan is gone, Juliet says Logan is just playing it cool. "We totally have a connection."

Park Ave: When Bridget arrives home, she hears Andrew talking and laughing with someone. Andrew: "Siobhan. You remember Charlie Young -- Malcolm Ward's sponsor." Andrew says, "Charlie" just stopped by to update them on Malcolm, which would be totally against the NA philosophy, but whatever. Andrew excuses himself, because he has some anniversary preparation to do. Bridget does not want to be left alone with John and tries to get Andrew to stay, but he insists she would not want to miss what he's got in store for her.

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