The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

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The Count of 3 Isn't a Plan. It's Sesame Street.

Alley: Buffy Bridget flips up the dumpster lids. She searches for Henry's bag of stupidity. She takes out a big piece of the vase and one of the rags, just like she did last time we saw this. But this time the scene is longer. This time, Bridget removes her right glove, picks up the piece of the vase and leaves a very deliberate thumbprint on it. She even grinds her thumb down for good measure. Oh man, I hope she didn't outsmart her own fool self. I get what she's doing. Remember Henry emphasizing that if the cops suspect him, it won't be long 'til they figure out he was having an affair, nor will it take them long to figure out he was having that affair with her (Shiv)? Well, she's drawing suspicion away from Henry, all right. I suppose she thinks she's safe as Shiv, but I can't believe this will end well.

Paris, France: Shiv, wearing a robe that could be grandmother or matronly great-aunt to a French maid's costume, answers the phone. She even says, "Hello," this time. The male voice on the other end says, "The Gemma problem has been taken care of." Shiv walks across her hotel room. When the caller asks if she's still there, she says, "Yeah, sorry. I didn't want it to have to come to this." La la la. I can't hear you. I am not believing Gemma is dead until I see the body. I just have two questions. Firstly, was that NA Charlie on the other end of the line? Secondly, What do you mean the show is taking off a week? Grr. Arrgh.

Ringer will return Tuesday, November 1. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread, where Jason Dohring is keeping us all after school.

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