The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

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The Count of 3 Isn't a Plan. It's Sesame Street.

Henry describes the bloody mess that greeted him last night. He's convinced Bridget offed Gemma. He says he was going to call her last night. "But then I realized there had to be a reason you didn't call me. And it hit me. You didn't want our phone records showing that we were in contact the night Gemma went missing. Am I right?" Wait, why does he not remember that she called him six times that night, before they met up at 11:15 PM? If it's just because he's panicked, that's fine, but then why doesn't Bridget remind him? It makes me think the writers forgot, instead of Henry. At any rate, Bridget insists she knows nothing about the blood. Henry shows her where it was and says he cleaned up all the blood and dumped Gemma's car in JFK's long-term parking lot. Bridget asks him why he would do that. Henry: "Because despite everything you have put me through over the past few weeks, my first instinct was to protect you." Bridget: "Then you made a big mistake, because I was with Andrew and Juliet last night, and I would never hurt Gemma." Henry screams at "Shiv" to stop lying to him. Bridget says he's the one who looks like he snapped, as he's the one who's cleaning up crime scenes. He reminds Shiv that she's the one who talked about killing Gemma and Andrew. And we flashback to...

Eight Months Ago: Henry and Shiv are nearly nekkid and all lovey-dovey. He wishes the two of them could disappear together. Shiv suggests making Gemma and Andrew disappear instead. "We could take matters into our own hands. I'm just saying... we could finally be together. No more sneaking around." Henry lets out a small, scared laugh. "Oh my God. You're serious, aren't you?" Siobhan: "Do you want me to be?" When Henry says nothing, Shiv bursts out laughing and insists she's joking. "You're gullible. It's a good thing you're so adorable." Dear Lord, woman. You have Andrew at home. ANDREW.

Back in the present, Henry says, "You tell me you don't remember." Bridget says she doesn't, adding, "But I would never..." Henry: "You would never what, huh? Never sleep with your best friend's husband? Never get knocked up by him and then kick him to the curb? You tell me -- what would a woman like you never do?" And you feel protective of her? Someone killed (or absconded with) the wrong Bickerson, I tell you what. Henry then screams, grabs Bridget by the arms and demands she tell him where Gemma is. He realizes he's out of control and backs off. "All right, I'm sorry. Come on. I'm trying to help you, Siobhan. You know me." Bridget is halfway out the door by now. "No. I don't know you. And I never did." Oh look, she accidentally told the truth.

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