The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

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The Count of 3 Isn't a Plan. It's Sesame Street.

Bridget meets NA Charlie at a coffee shop and hands over the bag of drugs. He tosses it in the trash can and tells her that what's important is that she reached out for help. "You can wake up in the morning..." he pauses to gesture to the mirror next to Bridget, "...and you can look her right in the eye, and you can say you have no regrets." When Bridget looks in the mirror, she freaks. Charlie asks if she's okay. "You look like you're lost or something." Bridget says she has to be somewhere, thanks him for taking time for her, and takes off.

Outside, Bridget calls Henry, who cracks, "So much for staying out of each other's phone records." Henry, she called you six times last night! And I'm pretty sure her Park Ave. building has security cameras, even at the back entrance. I'm trying not to hate you, but you're not making it easy. Bridget gets Henry to tell her where he dumped the rags. She doesn't want him identified as a suspect, because that will lead the cops to connect the dots to her. "I can't let that happen." Pay attention to that, too.

Club Cage: Malcolm is still sweating out his boring storyline in the basement. Upstairs, where the action is, Macawi approaches and greets Guyliner who asks him if he knows the name Malcolm Ward. When Macawi says no, Guyliner goes through the whole story about how Bridget witnessed Macawi choke a dancer to death, and how she was supposed to testify and then took off, all to explain that Malcolm is Bridget's friend. When Guyliner asks to look around for Malcolm, Tall Minion says, "You got a warrant, Chief?" Jimmy asks if they have something to hide. Tall Minion says, "No warrant. No search. Feel free to stay for the show. We'll even buy you pales a dance." At first, I think he means pails and wonder what kind of fresh slang hell this is, 'til I remember Macawi and crew are Native American. I want Nestor Carbonell, who is reportedly of Spanish and Cuban descent to say, "Who you calling 'pale'?" But no.

ZSHS, Principal's Office: Juliet tells the principal that Tessa started the fight. The principal is disinclined to believe Juliet, because she has seen her permanent record. When she pulls it out, all I can think of is Principal Flutie Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High. When Andrew arrives, he's not inclined to believe Juliet, either, and sends her out to wait for him while he talks to the principal.

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