You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Andrew: Do you like how I'm backlit here, so that my face is shady?

Recapper: No. You are sweetness and light. I refuse to believe you're as bad as you'll appear throughout this episode.

Andrew: Anyhow, I'm really sorry and embarrassed. That's why I lied to you before, Shiv.

Bridget: Um...before?

Andrew: Things were so bad between us, I thought you'd turn me in. But now you're my sweet honey bunny and I can no longer lie to you. Come give me some sugar.

Bridget: Uh yeah. No. I need some...time.

Audience: What a hypocrite. You're on the run from the law and you're not even his actual wife. Don't you think you should be a little more understanding of his past deception? He's coming clean with you now.

The next morning in Paris, Siobhan wakes up, but Boytoy is not next to her. Instead, there's a note...


Recapper: I'd laugh at how many notes and texts on this show are all up-capped like that, but it makes my job so much easier, so thanks, Props Department.

Shiv: I look in my purse and the flash drive is gone. Dammit, Boytoy!

Out on the Paris streets, Boytoy calls Lanfair, his SEC contact, and tells him he's got enough to bring down Martin/Charles, but says he's not giving it up until he's guaranteed immunity. Lanfair needs a little something before he can make such a guarantee.

In this world, there is no time difference between Paris and New York, so it's also morning at Andrew and Nice Buffy's Park Ave digs. Bridget tells Malcolm what Andrew told her, and that she made Andrew stay in the guest room, the night before.

Malcolm: I'm a little surprised you're judging him so harshly, given your own situation.

Bridget: I had to pretend to be Siobhan. Now I can't make things right. It's -- it's exactly how Andrew is feeling. Well, I'm a giant hypocrite.

Audience: This is what we're saying.

Bridget: Right? Especially since he lied to Shiv, but didn't lie to me.

Malcolm: Whoa. Hold up. If he lied to Siobhan, maybe he's not so innocent. What if he was trying to cover his tracks?

Bridget: You mean, maybe Andrew tried to kill my sister? No way. There were woman's footprints in Shiv's office.

Malcolm: Olivia is a vampire, I know, but she's a female one.

Bridget: Andrew confessed. You don't kill to protect a secret you just told someone. Besides, he's not capable of murder.

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