You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Over at Martin Charles, Olivia is stunned that Andrew has told "Siobhan" the truth about the Ponzi scheme. They bicker and there's a lot of financial talk. Andrew says that by switching from scheme to HFT, at least they'll be able to give their investors something when the whole plan falls to pieces. Olivia just wants to end up on a beach somewhere, with a boatload of money. Me too, Sister Vampiress. Me, too. You must have one of those Daywalker rings, like Stefan and Damon. Andrew says that used to be his plan too, but now all he wants is to be with Shiv. Olivia reminds him that while he's currently happy with his wife, it wasn't that long ago they were ready to take "much more drastic measures."

Andrew: It's different. She has a soul now. We're not ready for the nuclear option.

Just then, Bridget enters the Martin/Charles offices. She's there to see Andrew. Claudine explains he's in a meeting, but says "Mrs. Martin" can wait in his office. Bridget agrees, but on her way, she spots Andrew and Olivia. Hiding around a corner, she hears Olivia tell Andrew that her SEC contact reports that they have a mole in the Paris branch -- Tyler. Andrew says, "I don't care what it takes. Make sure Tyler Barrett doesn't talk. We cut to commercial, so Nice Buffy can catch her breath.

It's nighttime in New York, now. As Bridget packs her bags at Park Ave. she calls Malcolm to fill him in on what she overheard at Martin/Charles.

Malcolm: I'm all, Remind me who Tyler Barrett is, again.

Audience: It's confusing dear, we know.

Bridget: He's the Paris Martin/Charles guy who was boinking my sister.

Malcolm: How many guys was your sister sleeping with?

Bridget: Remember I'm an ex-stripper who was also possibly a prostitute and then hear me when I say, "Too many." This one, though -- he knew about the Ponzi scheme. Anyhow, I still don't believe Andrew would hurt me, but I'm packing up and am going to stay at a hotel for a few days. And I'm already on tracking down Tyler.

Meanwhile, it's also night in Paris. Tyler calls Lanfair and leaves him a message, telling him that Martin/Charles has ordered him to come to New York.

Back in New York, where it's still night, Andrew arrives home to find Bridget and her full suitcase, ready to leave. Andrew asks why she stopped Martin/Charles, but took off before he could see her. She deflects with a lie about a forgotten appointment. It's then that Andrew mentions her suitcase. When he asks if she's leaving, Bridget says she's just going for a few days. Andrew begs her to stay and says he'll sleep in the guest room for as long as she wants. She just doesn't feel comfortable right now. Andrew can't imagine what she thinks he'd do.

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