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Next, on Road Rules...the kids are at the South African White Shark Research Institute. "What kind of sharks are we talking about here?" asks Theo of their instructor. "Great White." James freaks out. Shots of the kids in a cage with the shark biting on it. Now the kids on the boat as the sharks circle and jump. Msaada drives a short bus with the kids in it and yells back at James, viciously, "Shut the [beep] up, you!" She sounds like Pesci, here. It's very funny. Garbled talk from the cast. "It must be nice to be a [beep] piece of tofu, dude," says James back, looking around to Theo for support. I don't think even Theo could extract the meaning from that one. Kathryn asks them to stop the short bus if they're going to argue and Msaada says, a seriously evil glint in her eyes, "Naw, I'm gonna kill all of us. I don't care." Two reactions. One: Kick ass! Msaada angry. Thank you! Some screen time! And two: it, Msaada. You just be sure to jump out at the last minute, right before the short bus goes off the cliff. We won't tell.

The kids voice-over talk of vomiting as we see them vomiting again. Kathryn says that when she threw up her Snickers, it was so gross that she wanted to "vomit from [her] vomit." Theo says, "I vomited and I had a great time with it...It's all about how you take control of the vomit and not let the vomit take control of you." Kathryn goes on to say that the last time she totally let the vomit take control of her. Theo agrees. We see the kids and they're actually talking on those bleachers. Holly is watching, kinda Scaryteeth laughing, kinda grossed out, kinda trying to participate in the conversation. Sometimes Holly just looks so awkward and somehow sad you want to hug her. But then also sometimes you want to kick her in the shin. Theo concludes, "I was busting my vomit's ass though, dude." (Ending the show with a "dude." Perfect.)

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