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James And The Giant Truck

"Next, on Road Rules...The Shasta drives across a bridge as James yells, "Key West, baby!" So, I'm guessing we're in Key West, but then again, with B/M that's not at all a guarantee. Theo dives into the water wearing gear, and then back on the boat, pukes. A woman explains that it is, "Shallow Water Black-Out." Theo is Shallow Water Black-Out. Later, in an elevator, James tells Theo not to go again because he might die, and Theo tells James that he's right. "That's a good point. Remember that." Well, so much crap has already come out of Theo's mouth over the last ten weeks, we might as well watch him throw up. It can't be much worse than listening to him talk.

Under the closing credits, Theo has Holly locked inside a revolving door. "Do not feed the Holly," he yodels. So Theo starts riffing, pretending he's describing Holly as a zoo creature to a bunch of tourists: "It drinks coffee and wears a jacket." Everyone is cracking up. Msaada runs down the street, she's laughing so hard. He might have mispronounced "herbivorous," but I don't want to look stupider than Theo in case I'm wrong, so I won't mention it. Oh, I just did, didn't I. Damn again. Holly laughs and laughs. You know, she looks like she's a good sport and a lot of fun, as long as, you know, the attention is constantly on her.

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