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What the fuck? Under the credit sequence, we get shots from this week's episode while a rap song plays. A rap instead of some crappy Theo banter? Can they do that? Actually, I guess I should consider myself lucky. "In the heart of every man," says the rap. "Lies a piece of another man. From another land. Now. Take my hand so we both can sit, by an astral stream then we can lift. Ugh!" Um. Yes, ugh! The voice-over guy tells us that we can log onto right now and talk to the cast of Road Rules about tonight's episode. Of course, they're talking 10:30 PM EST, so really I could log on and ask Holly, "Uh, what's the episode going to be about tonight? Cuz, all that's on is Sisqo's Shakedown out here." But then again, I wouldn't have known about the chat since the show isn't on here until 1 AM EST, so I missed my chance to ask Holly what the fuck is up with the cheek stars. Oh well. There's one mystery that will just have to go unanswered. The other, of course is, "Why is Road Rules still on?"

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