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This Boot Is Made For Sarah

RV. Night. Rachel tells the boys that when she's alone with her she doesn't want to vote Sarah off (rowr!); she doesn't feel like she should have any right to end someone's trip, and that they're not above Sarah. Shane brings up the point that if they don't choose, then a random person is booted and they lose their shit.

God. Kendal and Sarah now take a walk. Kendal says that it's a fucked up situation. She says she's been going back and forth, but she wants her to know it's hard. Sarah looks at her like, "Yeah, really tough for you, Coaty."

RV. Rachel is saying, "What's more important to me?" Then she stops, saying she doesn't know what's important. Hee.

Now everyone sits around on the floor of the RV where they can see everyone. Eric starts it off, voting to boot. Darrell votes to boot. Shane too. Sarah votes not to vote. (Surprise!) Rachel wavers. Kendal says she'll go...and then pulls out notes. Hee. She reads, saying that she thinks people are more important than material and the Citadel taught her that they are a team and they fail or win as a team and they shouldn't punish one person because of it. (Oh, Christ, you're not voting to kill Sarah. Just to vote her off the stupid show. For the love of B/M!) Kendal says it's hard because she thinks about college, but later after she has her degree, she thinks she would feel "sick" about how she got the money for college. Heeeeeee. Yeah, years later, you'd feel awful that you kicked Sarah off, it would haunt your dreams forever. You won't even remember Sarah. Sarah now snots to us that Kendal is on her side in this and she made out a list and said it perfectly. Rachel now says that Sarah didn't give it her all a lot of times but...she's going to vote not to boot. The Crack B/M Editing Squad we all know and bleh uses this Blair Witch noise to make it seem all dramatic and Sarah's head snaps up when Rachel makes her announcement. Hee. How lame.

Now Eric tool-overs that right now all the girls want to keep Sarah and the guys want to boot, and if no one changes their mind. (Dum dum dum!!!) A random person will be booted, and all prizes will be lost.

"To be continued..."

Next...Eric votes to boot, again. Kendal tells us that Eric obviously hates her because he re-voted so quickly and didn't even listen to her beautiful list. Sarah cries that it would be easier just to boot her so they won't have to deal with the same problems...but maybe they would -- she curses them -- maybe they'd get someone exactly like her. Rachel says she's not losing a random cast member and she's not losing all the prizes. She shakes her head at us like we care, like she can scare us into voting. Sadly, we do not get a vote. Happily, the episode is over. See ya!

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