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You know, I was about to go out and find someone with a covering on her head and harass her, call her evil, and perhaps even try to punch her out or something for the terrorist attacks, but MTV is telling us not to do that -- to "Stop The Hate." Man, thanks MTV. What would I do without you? Oh, and now it's a P.O.D. video, which teaches me that you can still be down with God and wear dreads, skate, and scream all angry and shit. Thanks P.O.D. You made Christian Rock cool again...after Live fucked it up. Oh shit, Ja Rule just told me to chill and not hate and "Holla!" Suddenly, the world just seems good again and every anthrax spore is not deadly, but like a little hug. I no longer want to take Florida and just cut it and push it towards Cuba. I no longer fear the sound of a fire engine's siren. I no longer worry that the guy next to me on the flight could try to slit my throat with the edge of the in-flight magazine and fly the plane into game five of the World Series. Thanks, MTV. I'm so...Oh. No. I just saw the new Enrique Iglesias video featuring Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I hate again, MTV. Oh, how I hate.

Previously...the scene from Katie's first day when they tried to make her spend a night on top of the Tioga and she said no, if it's just for his amusement, no way. She voice-overs that she's sick of ADDam bossing her around. Now the RV driving with Steve -- HiSteve! -- at the wheel. Adam is bossing him and he says, "Hey, don't be patronizing me with that tone, ass." Adam giggles.

Credits. Here are the other things you could be doing instead of watching these credits: Drinking juice. Kissing someone. Doing ten push-ups. Going to the bathroom. Playing pinball. Calling your mom. Lighting some incense. Petting your cat. Lying on the floor staring at the ceiling. Learning once and for all how to spell a word that you constantly, always, misspell every time. All of these things -- better than watching the credits yet again.

The kids are parked on a street somewhere and a guy digging in a big pile of sand goes to the Tioga and starts speaking Spanish. HiSteve does a great, "Uh...Adam." Finally Steve understands and goes to the pile of sand at which the guy is pointing, and it's their next clue he's just "uncovered," and Steve drolly says, "Oh, how did this get here?" with enough fake surprise that you know he knows that this bit of getting their new clues is ten times stupider than the Road Master from last year and that's a fucking feat, y'all. (For it to be ten times stupider, not for Steve to catch on to that fact. That one's easy.) They read the clue, which tells them to go back to Morocco. For some reason, Steve and Blair start running around, and I can't tell whether they're happy they're going back, upset, or Blair is trying to eat Steve and Steve is running away.

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Road Rules




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