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Katie Did It

Aw, Buddy Lee gave blood.

Okay, so we get a crane shot of Abdellah watching the kids from above. Now we see there is no one down there. Ah, well. The kids get deep in the water. Ellen says she'll only go in up to her thighs (please, write your own jokes here -- there are just too many to make) and Katie refuses, telling Amrani that he doesn't have to pay her. I don't think he was planning on it. She says she quits again as Adam reminds her that she's already quit eight times. Ellen squeals that she can't feel the bottom as Amrani tries to push Katie in. She screams. A local stares at them. Amrani says, in his deep Lurch voice, "You are not working. You are joking. Please. We need work." Sophia floats that Katie keeps quitting yet getting further into the work and that she keeps yelling that she hates Moroccans and Sophia says it's the funniest display of cultures clashing. The boys work hard and Abdellah watches them from above, yelling that they're doing good. A cat. We see a cat sitting. Even the cat is bored.

Now they go on to "dyeing," and they are to do the same thing as before, we learn. Another cat. Working montage. Working montage. Abdellah watches them from above, drinking. Amrani yells, "Work!" Now on to "drying." They hang up the skins and blow them dry as Steve voice-overs a lame joke to the effect that they discovered that pigeon crap worked well. They now carry the skins into a hut for "stretching." They lean the skins over something and rub a tool on it. They do it. It's tiring. It takes a long time, and hurts the booby, someone says. Everyone looks beat and they marvel over someone having to do this all day every day. Yes, it's called "the rest of the world works," and many of us have no idea how hard their lives are. I guess by that I really shouldn't complain about recapping this show, should I? Ah, fuck it. I'm gonna anyway. Ellen voice-overs that this is so difficult and she's tired and her back aches and she wants to go home and we see her doing a back bend for some reason and Amrani licks his lips and now it's night and they carry their skins to the store area.

The kids show their skins one by one to Abdellah and he inspects them, stopping on Katie's two skins. That sounds dirty. He announces that everyone gets a full day's pay, except Katie, who gets half. ADDam speaks up for her, saying it's a little rough. Abdellah smiles, then repeats that she gets half pay. They all put their shoes on, and Katie hysterically blames her getting half pay on women being treated badly in Morocco. Hee. She then camera-talks about how unfair it is. Ellen then caps it off perfectly when she camera-talks that next time she buys a leather belt or a purse or shoes that she's going to have a greater appreciation for whoever made it. No, she won't.

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