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Guess where they go? Yes. Western Union! to get their Western Union! pay. They get $1,320. Each? No, together, I guess. Oddly enough, the Toothless Man only made sixty cents for the same day's work. They have the Western Union! guy retardedly announce that Katie only gets half, and she says, "Thanks," all bummed and they count their money.

Oh, they're trying to bring the episode full circle with a little Aesop's Fable ending as Adam floats that he wasn't the leader today and things still got done and that's a lesson for him. Fuck. Off. Thanks.

It's night. The kids sit on the ground outside the RV somewhere and we briefly see that Sophia is wearing a shirt that reads, "Katie is a princess." Why the hell don't we get to see the story behind that shirt? Man, this show. I hate it all. Adam tells Sophia that they butt heads on the missions because he puts himself into the leadership role, and Sophia reminds him that everyone leads in his or her own way, and that he doesn't have to have that pressure; immediately Katie tries to make it a negative and says that Adam shouldn't think he has that power to lead, and Sophia goes on to say that Adam lets his arrogance get in the way. He agrees and she repeats it and says that it's the only problem she has with him. (What happened to the whole thing about him being fucking crazy off his meds? I guess they let that go. Stupid B/M.) Katie interjects that it's the only problem, and Adam says that he only has a few weeks to learn and that they should point it out whenever he's fucking up, and he's open to "corrective criticism" right now for some reason, and he hopes to grow. Sophia then floats that you can't force growth, which negates everything we just saw. Aw, fuck it. She says she loves Adam, and they hug.

Tioga. Inside. Adam says he would have made Ellen jump in the pit. He says he learned a lot today and relaxed and loved relaxing and not being a leader. Now he voice-overs that he's learned to appreciate "the perspective from the rear." (Again, insert your own jokes.) He hopes he can chill and let others contribute more and bleh. Done.

Next. The kids once again(?) meet up with the Real World tools and have a Battle in the Desert. Everyone runs to hug. People throw water on sleeping people. Sheep-catching. Coral gives everyone the stink-eye. Now there is mud wrestling and Steve is angry and Ellen voice-overs that the RW'ers are pampered. Wrestling. Wrestling. It looks like we kick ass. Oh no, I just said "we" meaning the Road Rules kids. I have to go now. Far away. Bye.

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