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Shit, we're going to get a montage or something. It's Ellen and Adam at night in the RV playing with each other's hands Adam floats that Ellen helped him and didn't ask for thanks and yeah, of course, only when he's getting something does he like the poor girl. He then twists logic to its breaking point by saying that the "acceptance" made him able to let down his walls. ADDam then tells Ellen that she's loving and has been nice and he sort of apologizes for being cold to her and then she -- so happy, obviously -- holds his hand and says that she's invested in everyone on the trip but more in some people and she says Adam has taken the time to get to know her. "Wow," he floats about Ellen. He says some bullshit to Ellen about having been "old-school" Adam whereas "new-school" Adam "takes his medication." Am I the only one who no longer can make sense of anything these people are saying? Good. Ellen then floats that she wants to believe Adam and she can't change the fact that she cares about him enough to see where it's going to go. Poor girl. Oh, and we go from one sad person to another, as Sophia is once again made to hold Jisela's bitch hand through shit; at night outside the Tioga, Jisela asks Sophia whether she thinks they would boot her if she failed another mission. No! Sophia says yes. Jisela says she doesn't care, I think. Sophia says she would strap Jisela on her back and carry her up. Hysterically, Jisela says that she began to think about how it looked that she didn't make it all the way up the mountain. Hee. Sophia says that it didn't look good. Hee again. Now, as we get shots of Jisela and Sophia looking at the climbing from earlier, Sophia -- and I can't believe this -- says that she believes in Jisela so much that if they fail the mission because of Jisela, she gives the others permission to vote her off instead. All together now: Poor Sophia. All in love, and shit. Sophia now tells Jisela that she knows Jisela can do the mission. Jisela floats that she feels pressure and is in a situation she can't get out of. Shot of the mountain. "To be continued..." Wow. I can hardly wait for next week I'm so excited to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Next week. Jisela is on a mountaintop crying, voice-overing that she can do this. A bird. Ropes. Blair looks scared. Someone on a bike on a high mountain road falling. Someone sliding on a bad-ass rope slide, being nearly suffocated by a huge ad for the climbing company they have to hold. Man, that's funny. What if the ad killed them? I would love that shit. Blair. "Don't give up on me now." Ellen crying. Jisela crying. Jisela had a dream that on the next mission something would go wrong. Blair on top of the high mountain looking down. "That is hard-core extreme," someone says. Okay, this looks like a good one, actually, Until then, kids. I'll miss you all.

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Road Rules




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