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Night. The Tioga. Some guy knocks on the door and enters with another clue. Jisela stares at his crotch as he comes in. They read their instructions, which tell them they're going to Spain. Everyone celebrates. Ellen continues trying to read while everyone just screams and dances around, totally drowning her out. Apropos of nothing, Blair floats that he thinks Sophia has the hots for Jisela. Sophia reaches over and grabs Blair and tells him how much she loves Spanish women. Blair continues to list the reasons why Sophia likes Jisela, which include the stunning evidence that Jisela is hot and Sophia likes women and the two of them have grown close.

Sophia and Jisela then walk down a street talking, and Sophia says "dog" a lot, as she's prone to do. (She's also prone to do women, but that's another story.) They're saying that Jisela goes to clubs and that she and a friend say that they're gay so that guys don't hit on them as much. Sophia's all, "Oh, really?" She then floats, as the illicit walking continues, that Jisela, of everyone in the RV, relates the most to Sophia's being gay because people back home think Jisela is gay and she doesn't have a boyfriend. I don't get that logic at all, but maybe it's the sudden B/M attention that has thrown her off. As Sophia floats, we get a weird frozen shot of people walking, and I think this is a new signature for the floaty sections for B/M which means that the Crack Editing Staff just got a new supply because that shit is ugly. Anyway. Jisela continues that people at home think she's gay and thus it's weird that she hangs with the gay girl. They continue walking as Sophia disses herself and she says something about her look and the way she dresses. Jisela then goes on to say that Sophia has a "pretty awesome body" and says that she's "well proportioned." Uh-oh. Sophia beams at this. Sophia blushes, floating that she and Jisela have more than a friendship, and she repeats the word "intimate" one hundred times as we see them hugging. Jisela then floats that she and Sophia flirt, but now she is worried that Sophia is taking her flirting too seriously.

Now Jisela is on the phone at night outside the Tioga and she describes the Sophia situation, saying that it's like when a friend likes you more -- which is exactly the situation, so it's not a very good analogy. She then goes on to detail -- and we see it -- a time when Jisela was just lying down and suddenly Sophia got in bed and snuggled with her without asking. Jisela is being pretty mean, actually, considering how much she was indeed just flirting with Sophia. Jisela then floats, saying, "She's getting to the point where I'm like, 'You need to get up from under me, okay, cuz I'm not feeling that 24-7 hug.'" Lord! Was that a sentence? I'm not even sure what she means. I think she might be cold or else something's wrong with the RV. Girl don't talk right. Jisela continues to talk, saying that Sophia told her she was drunk...just like that night that they kissed. Suddenly, we get a flashback from the Casting Special where Jisela and Sophia made out on a dare and man, it's a pretty hot kiss, I have to say. Ha, there's poor Segun! I wonder if he's hung himself yet...or come out. Anyway, back to Jisela, who tells her friend on the other end of the cell that she hopes she falls asleep quickly that night. Man, that's cold. Commercials. That's sweet!

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Road Rules




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