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Flying With The African Birds

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So behind the credits, Theo does some prop comedy. Someone asks him whether he's in charge of the fire extinguisher, since he's not going up. Indeed, Theo sits in front of a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. He says that he may be, but he's not sure. He doesn't like the idea of just standing around holding something that looks like a "red weenie." So now Theo is outside by the plane with the extinguisher. Msaada is laughing. Whoever is "interviewing" him asks if he's the best person for the job. Theo voice-overs that he is the best person: "Just because, like, if I saw a fire somewhere, I'd put it out. It's not, like, you know, if you see something else you have to put it out. It's not like if you see some sort of animal running by you try to put the animal out. Or that if you see someone that you don't like, you try to put them out. It's like one thing, that's it. Fire extinguishing." Blah blah blah Carrot-Top cakes. Now I have to extinguish my television because, after the two seconds of Ricky Martin's Making The Video that just played, my TV is absolutely flaming.

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Road Rules




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