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Every Henhouse, Doghouse, and Outhouse

"Next, on Road Rules..." Floaty Kathryn, hovering over the kids having a nice dinner, says, "Laterrian is not going to get in my pants." Tiny floaty Laterrian says that Kathryn mistakes his being nice for flirting, but then floaty Theo tells us that at this dinner we're seeing, Kathryn and Laterrian at some point just disappear together. At a motel, Holly and Msaada bust into a room to announce, "Reed's here." James tells us that Laterrian and Kathryn are "two peas in a pod, dude: they both can't go a long time without sex." Laterrian, lying on a bed, hangs his head. Knowing the B/M powers of manipulation, who knows what the hell is really going on here...

Over the credits, the kids sit in the cop station holding cell during the fingerprinting, singing a fake spiritual. Theo tells God that they're going to need his help out in the wilderness, as they sing "oh my Lord, Lord Lord." Holly smiles with the Scaryteeth as a cop forcibly pulls James out of the cell. Hey Copper, while you're at it, can't you pull him right off the show? Think about it, please?

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Road Rules




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