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Old People Are Stupid

ADDam floats, poorly reading B/M lines about Ellen and Sophia finding this commonality and maybe it will help them both do something about it. Ellen and Sophia hug at some restaurant. Sophia says that she's willing to start over for these last eighteen days and they call each other "lame brain" and "Japanese." Now Sophia floats that she does care about Ellen, but laughs as she collects the twenty-spot from B/M for lying. Outside, Katie tells Sophia to seduce Ellen, so Sophia starts dancing around and showing leg. Ellen floats that everything happens for a reason, and she knows they're going to be friends because Sophia talked to her in a way that "no one else can." Wha? Ah, fuck it. It's over.

Next. We're back in Morocco. Oh, how I hate B/M with their timeline. Anyway, some dude leads them to this big open space with what looks like big vats of poo. I think this is a sewer plant or a dye factory or something. Katie is disgusted and complains about the smell and almost barfs. "The smell...I don't live like this," bitches Katie. Brilliant! That's the best line ever. I hope she ends up in a Moroccan jail for five years for that disrespect. "You have to work!" yells the scary man. "I said no! No! I quit!" yells Katie. And we're done. Awesome.

And hey, I made it through without totally falling asleep. I mean I, candle. Shoebox. Turtle.j sa. Ffjiasjpi...ajsigovp.......

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Road Rules




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