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Sucking And Entering

Katie floats, concerned, that the "thing" with Steve drives her crazy and that there is "no Katie and Steve," and that she doesn't even want talk about it. Now she and Ellen walk down the street and Ellen says that she does flirt but that Steve finds it fun and everyone just....You know what? I don't even know what Ellen is saying. At all. Katie busts in, in heavily coded language, that she has a life to which she has to return, and that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want this to ruin her relationship. Ellen tells her to not worry, then. Katie floats, lying through her privileged teeth, that the flirtation between her and Steve did not develop into a romance because she's not single. Shots of them hugging and lying on each other as Katie says they had a bond and lots of deep conversations, but that she has a life when she leaves here and doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship and there are lots of shots of hugging and lots of Steve trying to kiss her and now HiAlreadySteve! voice-overs that he's not going to dwell on what might have been and he can't predict the future and we get shots of them holding each other and holding each other and A Band That So Wants To Be Massive Attack plays as we limp to the final credits.

"Next" is the same as last week's. It's a tannery and Katie almost pukes and if you want to read about it go to last week. Goodbye! I'm sorry this show sucks so much. It's not my fault. I swear. Later.

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