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Man, Those Kids Are Rappelant

Moon. Okay, now it's morning. Sophia and Jisela stand by some water and it's misty and Jisela is saying how scared she is. She says, and we see, that when she was coming down the helicopter on the first mission she freaked out, and that's the feeling she has about the rappelling. Jisela floats that "last night" she had a dream that something bad was going to happen on this mission and fuck the timeline because we already heard this jigga-when? and ah fuck it all. Dramatic shot of the girls. Short bus. Flash. The girls. Short bus. The mountain. Commercials. Someone go get a drink with me. Please. I need one bad.

Tioga. The kids get ready to die. Jisela asks for her deodorant. ADDam writes a Latin word about "transformation through courage" on the tongue of Jisela's shoe and instead of punching the fucker for tagging on her kicks, she thanks him, saying that it's "tight." Adam floats some shit about people finding their own way to get up a mountain and through life and Jisela is "hearing that." Kids today. Man. Jisela floats that she's starting to appreciate the reason Adam is on the trip (yeah, to piss us all off doing stupid shit when he goes off his meds like Sally Field on ER) and then she says something to the effect that helping the weaker people is good and bleh.

Montage of stupid shots of nature and shit. The Music I Used To Make On My TRS-80 plays and Jisela voice-overs a mantra that she can do this and all the kids are on the mountain and Ellen stretches and CLS babbles and my cat runs full-speed into the screen door but it holds and she runs into the closet to sulk. Blair floats that he and Steve are going to go first, and CLS says it's so that the boys can make sure everything is safe for the girls and sexism just seems like chivalry with the Spanish -- it's so unfair. So Steve and Blair starts going, and Steve immediately slips a bit. CLS laughs at him, saying, "No problem." Jisela floats that she's scared. Now Blair voice-overs that he thinks he's going to die, but you can tell B/M just made him say that, because he looks totally calm. Steve is enjoying the view, but worries about time so he doesn't dawdle as much as he would like to. I can't believe I just said "dawdle." It looks pretty fun and very cool.

So up top, Jisela goes into a little comedy routine where she confesses before going down. She says that she urged her friends to hook up with a couple of coaches at her school but then she didn't follow through and do it as well like she'd said she would -- she did it just to be mean. Down at the bottom, the boys land. Up top, Jisela goes on that she broke the shoe of her rival for prom queen. Okay, that's kinda funny. Even Ellen, who still hates Jisela, cracks a smile. When CLS says her name, Jisela instantly stops her laughing and starts weeping. She hugs ADDam. She looks around. She hugs Ellen. Sophia starts doing "I'm a little teapot," but Jisela simply cries through it. Adam tries to help her out, but only sings "pour" along with Sophia.

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Road Rules




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