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The Dating Lame

Back at MC's Romans In Love office, MC explains to the kids that they asked the dates to rate The Six of Suck from 1 to 10 based on how they were as dates. Thus, the kids will get paid twenty bucks per point -- the money to be received individually, instead of as a group as usual. Steve looks very upset. Hee. Katie starts singing, "I got a ten." I hope she's joking. Adam floats and says that Ellen is going to have to suffer the consequences of her actions. The cute Danielle gives Adam a 10. Fuck. I hoped somehow she'd dis him. Katie, shocker, gets a 10. Amy, blankly, gives Steve a 9. That's nice. ElizaKimberley gives Blair a 9.9. Sophia gets a 9.75. Sophia is happy. She floats, "Oh my god, maybe I am a good date!" Hee. Erik gives Ellen a 7.2. "Oooh, wow!" says Ellen. Blair says something joking about Ellen as Adam tells MC she's the cutest employer they've had thus far. Your lines may work on nineteen-year-old secretaries from Jersey, but not adult women from Spain. Sorry.

The kids then have to get their money from, surprise, Western Union! They go to Western Union! where they get paid (and get their ninth Western Union! t-shirts). Sophia floats that Kelly gave her money and a great date and she's very happy about it.

At the Tioga, Blair eats ice cream as Ellen sucks on a ten-inch Popsicle. She whores, "I feel bad. I feel like I was selfish. Maybe I should have been thinking more about him and his welfare...his good time." Blair heartily agrees with her assessment of things. Ellen says something about dating and then laughs, detaches her jaw hinge, and shoves the entire Popsicle into her mouth.

Sophia sits out on the rocks somewhere looking at a Harry Potter book Kelly sent her, with an inscription about how much fun she had on their date. Go Sophia! Sophia closes the book and stares out at the water. Msaada floats by on a Ski-Doo and tries to get some camera time, but it doesn't work.

Next week. Sophia talks to her dad on the phone, but then Steve floats that Sophia thinks she's going to lose her father if he finds out she's gay. (Well, that problem should be solved one way or another when he sees this show, huh?) In the Tioga Sophia, tears in her eyes, says that she's going to put herself on the line and that if she loses her family doing it, too bad. Everyone looks intense and sad for her as they listen. Also, the kids have to win The Crest of Ingenuity and they're on this high platform and some guy lets go and it snaps Sophia off and they plunge down a canyon (on bungee line, of course.) Everyone yells, "Sophia!"

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