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Day. Jigga-when? Adam and Ellen drive the RV -- alone, it seems. Adam floats that when they're alone, he can open up and be nice. Ellen floats that sometimes Adam is nice and sometimes he's a brat. In a long-winded way, Ellen asks Adam why he can't always be the nice Adam. He blahs that the asshole side is to keep that distance; it's not a good thing and he knows it. Ellen says that he can keep his distance, but that she misses being able to talk closely about things.

Oh My God! Another fucking scene with Ellen and Adam. They're on the RV at night and Adam says that he can believe that Ellen cares about him, but that caring can change and that's scary and the one way "guys have control" is not to let themselves get too close. Ellen, smiling so broad because she thinks this means fucking anything, says that she's glad he's opening up to her for the first time, really. She says, "No one's perfect. Everyone's got their flaws." Adam says that after this terrible show, he'd like to get a smaller RV and go all around the country and to Mexico (revoke his passport, now!) and that he would like to go with Ellen. Ellen beams like she just won prom. Adam says that Ellen would be "cool" to go with "because [she's] really cool." Wow. He loves you, girl! She leans on him and kisses his cheek as Adam floats, talking directly to Ellen. He says that he didn't mean it, and that, back home, he would date her. "Ellen, I love you. I really, really care about you," he says. Huh? Wha? Bleh.

Next week...on the RV, Ellen talks on her cell about how the others are not really adults, they're like "grade school." Blair pops in and overhears and later complains, "That's the kind of thing that tears a group apart." The kids have to do a human-pyramid-building mission (exciting as always, B/M) and Ellen tries to get fancy and makes them all fall.

Hey, whoever stole my pizza: I hate you. See y'all next week.

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