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Cut to James (who I don't even recognize like this) in front of a fuzzy shot of Ann of the Blue Cap as he justifies again that he had to pick someone so he picked Msaada. James looks like he just joined Fight Club, and he's all scruffy and greasy and shiny, and I think there's a bruise on his forehead.

James chucks Msaada on the shoulder and tells her to get in "That old Praying Mantis position." Yikes. Is that the one where she bites his head off? Pan across to Theo jumping on he bed, fist in the air, shouting, "Yeah!" These kids scare the shit out of me.

Laterrian walks over to the laptop to click a link and says, "Lord, have mercy." The Mac starts downloading something to the Stuffit Expander, but all that does is activate the AnnBot Dot Gorgeous to read something off her clipboard. "If you could bitchslap someone in your cast without punishment, who would it be and why?" This is a complete shout-out to stee, who had this very question in a survey he wrote a year ago on his webpage. Except he put "relative." Wait a minute, now that I think about it, the "What relative would you make-out with?" question is on stee's survey as well. is watching you, stee, you best watch your ass. Laterrian cheats and says he'd bitchslap himself first. Well, he says he'd bitchslap "moody LT," but I refuse to buy into that dual-personality bullshit. Since Laterrian can't count to one, he then adds "Drunken James" as the next person he'd bitchslap. Holly floats a snippy remark about Laterrian pussing out by saying he'd slap himself first. I guess she wanted to hear about how he'd slap her? Laterrian then floats in to say he "didn't sack up" because he didn't say, "I'd smack the shit out of Holly." Sack up? Man. This show.

Ann consults her clipboard and asks who hasn't gone. Uh, isn't the answer like, half of the cast? Just checking. Msaada steps up to the Laptop of Technological Prowess and picks a number. Ann gets out her pointing finger, jabs it at Msaada over and over and asks, "If you had to eliminate one person from the cast, who would it be and why?" Msaada doubles over and acts like she's got to kiss someone again. She screams, looks down, and smiles. "Better come true, kid," someone says. Then we go to a close-up on the finally clothed Theo, who is smiling proudly. Msaada says, "It's just too numerous, dude." Theo gives her an, "Oh, God," as Msaada goes back to the doubled-over laugh. "I have too numerous of a choice." You also have too numerous of grammatical errors, but whatever. Msaada says it's a difficult decision. Holly interrupts. She's sitting underneath the breakfast nook and says in her best sorority smile, "Those of us you're going to pick know, so it's okay, you can go ahead." Complete with head wiggle. Thank you, Heather. "Differences are starting to rub again," Kathryn voice-overs as we watch Msaada think in slow-motion. Cut to floaty Kathryn: "And uh...[sigh]...that's just really frustrating." Close-up on Holly. Close-up on Msaada staring at Theo.

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Road Rules




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