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Marching To Sorrow

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At a gas station, Shane pumps the gas while smoking right near the tanks. I can't believe they would let him do that, because it really wouldn't be great press for B/M if they all died. But then again, there is no such thing as bad press for a desperate company....

Meanwhile in the RV, Sarah cornrows Darrell's hair as Rachel begins saying, out loud, in front of Sarah, that Shane is competing against them all and "feeling the pressure" now that they're letting Sarah in. They are? Since when? Sarah just cornrows on, offering to groom anyone anywhere, as long as they don't send her shit back to Oklahoma, to the family that hates her. Darrell says that Shane only cares about himself. Rachel sort of just repeats herself about Shane wondering where his place is and them opening up to Sarah. Outside, Shane pumps and smokes, camera-talking that everyone is hooked up and he's sick of being the third wheel (isn't it "fifth wheel"?) and he doesn't know what he's even allowed to say, and so he's stepping back. Good. Please step all the way back. Further. No further. No, silly, there's no cliff there, Shane. Just keep stepping back. Just a little further.... And commercials.

Back. The kids get a room at the BEST WESTERN GRANADA SUITE HOTEL. They're all very tired, but psyched to have the hideously ugly room. Really. I'm going to go out on a limb here and recommend that if you're ever in Atlanta on business, you shouldn't stay there; I mostly say it because they advertised on Road Rules. Therefore, you should also stay away from Nextel and Domino's and American Eagle. Sarah lonely-overs that for the couples in the RV, the whole bed thing is really great, but not so much for Sarah, who knows she's just going to share a bed with Shane. Hee. As they sit around, Kendal camera-sluts about being frustrated with Shane and how are they supposed to move forward as a group? Eric tells us that Shane just wants a "cuddle-buddy" at night, and hates that he's just left with Sarah. Eric laughs at this, maybe because he knows Shane just wants to cuddle with him? Or because Eric is too scared to offer his services. Oh, yeah, he already did that. Everyone moans over their hurt bodies and ices his or her legs, as Eric and Shane decide to bust in on the rehearsal, saying that if they're not practicing, they don't want the others to practice, either.

Eric and Shane bust in on the kids, and there is stupid talking for a while. Shane does this really uncomfortable grinding thing on the floor in front of the kids, pretending this is their routine. All the boys look very unhappy that the dudes are busting in on their time, trying to mack on their bitches. The girls tell Shane and Eric to be worried, and then Baby Yaphet Kotto shows Shane his "dirty ass cheek." Hee. They boot the boys, totally not having given them the reception they'd hoped for. Get used to it, boys.

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Road Rules




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