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I'm all looking forward to more Battle of the Shows -- I really just want to see Kelley and Holly go at it (I'm talking fighting, you cheeky monkeys!) -- however, from the "Next On Road Rules..." we instead we get floaty Theo saying, "We're fugitives on the run from the law." All the kids are in the woods, shackled and orange-jumpsuited, and running from dogs and patrolmen. ["Oh my god, it's Nightmare in Moron County! At least Theo could give that evil Chuck Connors a run for his racist money." -- Wing Chun] "If I was you, I'd haul butt," says an officer. Holly falls and James pick her up. Msaada and Theo are lost. James and Holly are out of breath. A helicopter hovers overhead. Hey, do you think maybe one of the troopers might not have been told that this is a fake manhunt, and might shoot someone? Like maybe, I don't know...Holly?

Over credits, Theo, behind a video camera, creeps into The Real World bathroom. He puts his hat on the counter and starts peeing into the toilet. He proceeds to pee all over the seat, filming it.

Regardless of whether this is real pee, or water from a squirt bottle, I still just really don't know what to say. I'm speechless. Bye.

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