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Street. Night. Crap music. The sun is coming up soon. The Tioga. Inside, Jisela is all smiley now; she tells the kids that she has no hard feelings and that she voted Ellen off and that it's all good and that she has no hard feelings because her life is more important than anything in this world and that she knows the decision they had to make and that she's so cool with it and that she didn't want to go, yo, but that she loves them "the same amount" that she loved them before, which is diplomatic of her, but also big of her, in a weird, pseudo-manipulative way. They hug. Blair camera-talks that he doesn't think he'll ever meet someone like Jisela again. They all hug and Jisela says she has to pee now that their moment is over.

It's light out. Jisela is on the phone again. Now she walks outside and kisses Blair, who floats that he feels their friendship will continue. Right. Jisela hugs Steve, who says that you learn something from everyone you meet, whether you know it or not. He hated her, huh? There is a montage of Jisela from the last few weeks. Hugs. Hugs. Hugs. Adam camera-talks about bonds and experiences. Jisela hugs Ellen. More montage shots. Crap song about "let me fly, so long." Sophia cries that she made a lifelong friend in Jisela, and that she's going to miss her so much. Jisela cries, floating to the Five of Suck that she hopes they take the next person under their wings and some shit about teaching them the same "beautiful" lessons they've taught her and to remember her dancing. We see her dancing. She's a sexy dancer. The short bus drives away, honking. And that's it for Jisela.

Next week. The kids have made a list of ways to haze the new person who's coming to take Jisela's place. Sophia reads one about sabotaging the next two missions and voting her off. I guess this is supposed to be some funny Top Ten-ish list thing. Ah. Ha. Hm. They all laugh cause they have no taste. ExpoSteve says that the next mission is BASE diving; someone says it's too high and fall/jumps. Well, Jisela would have hated this mission too, so she should be happy she's going home.

Well, Jisela. We'll miss you. Sorta. Maybe. A little. I don't know. I'm tired now.

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