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We're Whining On The Marrakech Express

And that's it! Oh lord. One down. At least next week will only be half an hour. Honestly, I think these kids will be tolerable, but probably boring. Except for Ellen. Maybe. I hope. All I know is, the day I start longing for Theo or Holly is the day I should really just walk away and never look back.

Ah shit: "This season on Road Rules." Snake charming. Climbing. Someone falls. Steve's head pressed against a wall. Acrobat shit. Sky diving. A Mission Impossible-looking heist. Adam and Jisela fight. Adam and Ellen get it on. Sophia and Adam fight. Someone gets eliminated. Adam cries. Sophia cries. Ellen cries. Jisela cries. Jisela cries on top of a mountain. "Pussy," yells the mountain. Boot camp shit. Naked water wrestling. Some sort of chef-hat riot. (I'm not kidding.) Ellen does a cartwheel. Skinny-dipping. Staring at the camera. The crest. That's it. Ooh, exciting. Okay, I'm already wishing for Holly and Theo. Crap.

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