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Mr. Cox then shills some more about how the kids had way more time left over, and then holds up a GREEK101.COM shirt and says they get the trip to Cancun. Kendal says her dad would have been proud, because she "sucked it up and kept on going." Um, unlike Dad did.

RV. Driving. Kendal tells Eric that the Citadel made her feel closer to her dad. She then camera-talks the same thing. Kendal calls her mom on the cell and asks where her dad was born. Mrs. Kendal says, "North Carolina." Kendal then tells us that finding out about her dad was a big step for her. Uh, okay.

Restaurant. The kids eat and laugh. Sarah gets up to walk around, telling the kids she's very sore. When she's gone, Eric says "She's walking..." The girls tell him he's being mean. Darrell then camera-talks that Eric and Shane are always making fun of Sarah behind her back, and that the girls do it too, but now that they're back from the Citadel, the girls have stopped. "They're, just, like, changed," he says. Now they ask Eric why he's so focused on Sarah; he starts to talk, but Rachel butts in, saying that she's really happy about Sarah, that she could have just given up and quit. Eric laughs, and they trade back and forth, "She didn't quit?" "She didn't quit." Kendal then camera-talks that Sarah has changed and the girls have changed in their attitude toward her. Kendal says that Sarah has told her many times that she's going to try. Shane then camera-talks that they're all very driven, and he wishes Sarah would show similar drive so that he could count on her for the future. Well, you can count on her getting booted in the future, but that's about it. We see Sarah up at the bar flirting with every man in the place as we fade to black.

Next. Atlanta. They're going to do a step show. We see a big audience with kids stepping. Cheering. Shane says this is harder than he thought. The kids step, terribly. The MC introduces Outkast. Oh, poor Outkast, having to play this wack-ass event and this wack-ass show. And, that's it! Later.

Ten demerits for each of you for watching.

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