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Now Adam is camera-talking, about the moment when you look back and realize how much you've overcome and how important these people are and he's all choking back tears and having to stop...and I'm glad I'm not a B/M cameraman because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing. Adam goes on and on about learning stuff, and " breaks your fucking heart." Sky. Sky. Adam huffing and crying. Pussy.

So the kids have all the crest pieces and they're putting them together and they're actually having a hard time figuring it out. The last time I visited my mom, I did a one-thousand piece puzzle with mostly all-white background, and these kids look at ten pieces like it's a fucking Rubik's Cube. Man. Anyway, they get the crest together and say how nice it looks (it doesn't). Sophia floats some B/M bullshit about looking at the pieces of the crest and you're looking at the Six of Suck themselves and all the struggles they've been through and something about how it's like a "journal." (Did we even see them earn all ten pieces? I can't remember nor do I care enough to go back and look.)

Oh, Lord. So now the kids are obviously doing something they're being forced to do and Katie says that she thinks Ellen "earned" the TRUST piece when she did the human tower, and yes, we get a flashback of that glorious day. Now Ellen says she liked ENDURANCE because it was a test or something and Sophia says that it was hard because that's when she lost her love, Jisela. Flashbacks of the booting. Blair says he flunked INGENUITY because he couldn't find anyone to bungee-jump with him, but Sophia had the scariest partner (I still maintain it was her fault because she held onto the platform when the old man jumped.) PATIENCE goes to Jisela because her snake-charming technique was good, I guess. We get shots of the lame-o snake snapping at her and missing by miles. Katie gets DETERMINATION and no one can come up with a reason, so Sophia says some shit about it being her first mission and she didn't want to show she was afraid of the flying through fire. Blair says that he's learned to put faith in other people. He goes on, "Mixed-emotions-wise, I mean, this is the end of the whole thing." Wow. Is that even a sentence. (Well, having to watch the whole season of this shit sure is. Zow! Goodnight, everybody!) He goes on to describe the Road Rules crest as "sweet." Aw, Blair! You're not supposed to eat it!

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