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Now back to walking. Rachel says that she's cool with cuddling with Darrell, but, she goes on, "I don't like misleading, you know, like, people." Hee.

Rachel camera-mans that it's hard to be with a new person when you've been with someone so long, and that messing with Darrell brings up indirect feelings for Amy. I can see that, although there is one big "difference" that I imagine you'd notice between the two. Or, maybe not that big. Who knows?

Now everyone is going out to chill in New Orleans but Rachel stays back to call Amy. Now while we see the kids going out and girls flashing titties, Darrell camera-talks that he doesn't like Rachel going hot and cold on him.

RV. Rachel tells us that Amy may be with someone, but that she needs her to know Rachel still loves her. Now they talk. Rachel says she never said they were over over. Rachel needed time alone but didn't want to be over. Amy asks her what she wants. Rachel wants to see what happens in the future with them. The idea of them being together is not "out of [her] head." Rachel laughs nervously, wanting to know what Amy thinks. Amy thought it was over between them. Amy says she loves Rachel and that's "all" she should know now. (Read: totally fucking someone else, but would maybe like to get married some day.) Rachel tells us that Amy is still in her mind and plays a part in her actions.

Night. RV. Everyone sleeps. Rachel and Darrell walk. They agree that they should just "have fun." Now Darrell camera-talks that Rachel's more worried about her girlfriend back home and what's up with her, she's hot and cold, etc. Now Rachel says absolutely nothing, after saying a bunch of words. She then tells us she needed to "test the waters" with Darrell, but now they're going to be friends. (I guess now that she knows Amy still might want her someday and now that she's done her thang with Darrell and suddenly he's all drawing her name in his breath on the window, she's over it.) They decide to keep it simple. Darrell tells us he doesn't need Rachel being "sweet" and then not; he didn't come here for games. (Well, technically, you did come here for games.) Rachel lies to herself that she doesn't think Darrell really cares. Darrell tells us he doesn't get her. They both go to sleep.

And so do I.

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