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Night. Now Jisela and Adam are all lying down together and being buddies and they talk about how they both have been labeled as hyper before. They decide not to harp on old arguments or live in the past. They clasp hands and mumble. We can’t hear, but I’m pretty sure they’re discussing how much B/M promised to pay them for staging all those arguments this episode. Shot of the moon. That’s it!

Oh, right. “Next, on Road Rules 10…” The kids move something through a city square, and Steve’s head is nearly crushed against a wall. Everyone screams. Then Steve’s torso is nearly crushed, too. Get out of there, Steve! B/M wants to kill you! Run! Then we get a montage of Ellen and Adam flirting and everyone making jokes about them digging each other, and Adam says he’s really attracted to Ellen. Jis-yella floats that ADDam was making out with Ellen last night, and we see them, and then ADDam says, in the dark, “Do you know that’s not my leg you’re massaging?” And…that’s it! Whee!!! All right, I got to go get my sleep on.

Two down, something like nineteen to go. Oh. That doesn’t sound too good, does it?

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Road Rules




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