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No Time Is a Good Time for Goodbyes

Now the pro forma second round of Who to Boot? Voting. Rachel votes Sarah. Kendal doesn't vote. Darrell votes Sarah. Shane weeps Sarah. Eric votes Sarah, and then wishes her "the best in life." Sarah immediately stands up and starts packing. Hee. Quickly shots of all the kids looking sad. Rachel camera-talks that everyone is feeling guilty. We see Sarah packing, and ExpoKendal tells us that Sarah has to be packed and ready to go at midnight. Great, but that means nothing to us since we have no idea what time it is.

Now Rachel -- showing what a lowly, stupid person she can be -- asks Sarah to "ease [her] mind" and basically tell Rachel that that what she did was okay. Sarah doesn't fully bite, saying that she guesses she can understand, but that she wouldn't have done the same thing. Kendal cries into her sleeve. Sarah comforts the full-on weeping Kendal. Lord. Kendal says something into Sarah's sleeve that even the captioners don't bother trying to get. Sarah -- goo dripping down her face onto the B/M mic cable, shorting it out -- snots to us that Kendal made her feel "so loved." She adds that Kendal stood up for her, and so few people would. She starts crying. Jeez. What's with the tears, y'all? It's Road Rules, not Houston Medical, or even COPS.

Eric and Shane take a romantic walk. Eric says he was listening to Kendal, but that it didn't do anything for him. Shane assholishly says that Kendal brought up "no valid points" to make him change his mind. Eric tells us that he booted Sarah because the people worked hard for the prizes. He just wants his surfboard and shit, but he plays like Kendal needed college money, which is such bullshit because she was the one fighting to keep Sarah and give up the money. Stupid. Eric then says that he even likes Kendal more after what she said to Sarah. The dolt turns around and camera-talks that now he realizes Kendal might never look at him the same way again. You mean, with vague pity? Oh, I imagine she still will.

Rachel. She says that this is depressing. Everyone helps Sarah pack. Sarah snot-overs that her biggest fear was that no one would like her and that they'd boot her. Oops. (C'mon, that's kind of sad, people. They liked you, Sarah. We like you. You just suck at missions. So what.) Kendal now tells us that Eric came back and just watched Sarah pack and she thought that was shitty of him. "Do you want her to leave sooner?" Kendal wonders of Eric.

Kendal thinks that the air is thicker now. Huh? Sarah's cab comes. Everyone is babbling. Kendal tells us that this is goodbye, and now it's real. Darrell hugs her out by the cab and says he'd love to be her friend afterward and he was worried she wouldn't want to after he booted her. I wouldn't want to. Shane wishes her luck. Kendal hugs her. Sarah tells Kendal to be nice to the new girl. That's classy. Sarah hugs Rachel in the cab, telling Rachel she still has half the road left. Half!? Half!? We have ten more episodes? NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Please no.

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