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No Time Is a Good Time for Goodbyes

Anyway. Sarah snots on us that a lot of the stuff about the trip sucked, but she loved it anyway. She tells us, "It's been good. It's been real." She smiles, snot flying out of her nose for the last the cab drives away. Crap song plays as Kendal cries her ass off. Hee. Kendal goes walking.

In the RV, Shane...fucking Shane, man. Shane cries, making Rachel comfort him. "You don't feel like a good person after doing something like that." Good. You shouldn't, ya big Muppet-looking motherfucker. He says his reasons for doing it aren't so clear now anymore. Suddenly, we see Eric crying. Hee. What a fucking tool. Tool. Tool. Tool.

Rachel tells Kendal that this is much more depressing than losing a mission. Kendal says she's not mad at Rachel because Rachel is an athlete and thinks in terms of winners and losers. (Who are the "winners" on this show, then?) Kendal asks Rachel why Eric is crying. She adds that it really bothers her, and she doesn't know why. Kendal says that she felt it was a smack in the face for Eric to watch Sarah pack and shit. Rachel justifies it. Kendal says she feels bad for the new person, because she'll be compared to Sarah. Well, let's hope not, for her sake. Her ass would get booted in two seconds if you see her as anything like Sarah.

Eric is all weepy and -- this is fucking funny shit, y'all -- he runs and finds Kendal in the back room, and falls on her crying. Kendal just lies there. Hee. She then camera-sluts that she's not going to comfort him. She says it really disgusts her. Us too, honey. And commercials.

RV. Day. Kendal brushes her hair as Eric drinks water. Kendal ignores him. Eric tells us he's not talking to Kendal because he can see in her eyes that she's "confused" and doesn't want to talk to "any of [them]." Man, how wrong can one man be? She just hates you. In the bathroom, Kendal tells us that Eric is being stupid and she wants him to be a real person and "quit being that robot." She wants him to talk to her if he wants, and not just stare at her. She adds that Eric obviously thinks he ruined his chances with Kendal...and he's probably right. Hee. Rachel, who is always in the bathroom, says that Eric is "detached" and acts the way he thinks he should, rather than the way he feels.

At some random gym, Kendal continues her Big Fat Monologue of Who Gives A Shit, telling Rachel that she's been agonizing all morning and she's tired of it. Kendal misses Sarah, but doesn't want anyone to feel bad and think she's judging them for their decision. She wants to make it clear to the boys; Rachel thinks the boys think Kendal needs more time. (God, the talking on this episode. Obviously there is no mission, but it says a lot that even with the crappiness of the missions, I'd rather have one than all this fucking yapping.) Outside now, Kendal says that she has to move on and get ready for the new girl so she feels like a member of the team; she thinks they failed in the beginning by making Sarah feel like an outsider.

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