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No Time Is a Good Time for Goodbyes

Now with Shane. Shane says she doesn't want Kendal questioning his decision for booting Sarah, but doesn't want her hating him. Kendal says she doesn't. Shane is touched and wants a hug; he's nearly weeping. Jesus, c'mon man. Shane says he loves her. Oooh, then why don't you marry her? Oh, yeah. That's right. Kendal says that as far as Eric's concerned, when you're dating a person, you have higher expectations. With Eric she has higher expectations? Now that's just silly.

Rachel walks. She tells us she feels stuck in the middle of Kendal and Eric. I feel like I'm fucking stuck in the middle of Kendal and Eric. Kendal tells Rachel something. Now in the RV, Eric tells Rachel something. It's just crap about not knowing how to feel in the "relationship." Kendal says she has to "search" for something in Eric to find attractive these days. Ouch. Eric says he wants to be able to go out and have fun, but then come back and hook up with Kendal. Rachel says it's "clear" that's what he wants; Kendal doesn't want that. Rachel tells Kendal Eric likes her more than she likes him, and it seems more codependent than loving now. Rachel finishes, completing her desire not to want to be in the middle with a big section of putting herself in the middle, by telling us that they're at the same place they were two weeks into the trip and someone needs to step up and tell them it's not working out. Kendal then waffles. Rachel tells Eric that he and Kendal need to have a talk. Darrell butts in. It's pretty funny. Rachel -- way too fucking involved -- starts yelling at the camera, talking to Eric and Kendal, that one of them needs to get balls and end this "unhealthy cycle." I'm dead tired now. Oh, but suddenly, more commercials, three minutes after the last one. Hey, I ain't complaining. (Not about the commercials, at least.)

Night. Stock footage of the moon. Eric and Kendal walk. Kendal is being all bouncy and flirty, as she tries to break up with Eric. She tells Eric that they get along better when they're not "attached." Eric is all sad, but pretends he agrees. He tells us he's tired and bored of the roller coaster. He amazingly admits that "everyone" is tired of it. I think he just means the people on the RV, not the fifteen people who watch this show as well. Kendal says she's never even seen the emotional side of Eric, and he says what about the other night when he cried? (Us boys, man -- when we cry and let someone see, we are so proud of it. For months we'll remind you about it and how sensitive we are. Yeah, we're stupid like that.) She says that she didn't understand it. Eric says first of all...and we can't hear. And second of all, he cried because he realized how much he likes the four people left. Huh? Wha? Jigga-who? What the fuck does that even mean? Kendal again tells us that Eric's quick vote pissed her off. Eric then says that Kendal might hate him for this, but he almost changed, and didn't change, his decision because of her. He says that it was about the money for college. Kendal tells us that she chooses to spend (or give away) her money how she wants to, but if he really made the decision thinking of her, she says, "...that's sweet for him, but I don't need that." Hee. Kendal says that she doesn't think she ever sees the real Eric. She says that she needs a mental detachment. Kendal tells us she was waiting for Eric to say either that he agrees or that, no, let's not back off of this. God, it's so clear what's going on. Eric is just very young, and Kendal likes him because she can't be in a situation, like the trip, without being paired off, but she has these expectations of him that are impossible. Kendal goes on being flirty and suddenly all hope of them having a real conversation is lost. Eric now says that he always gets bored with girls, but with Kendal it's different. Ha. God, I've used that line so many times. Kendal says that Eric doesn't have any options on the trip. Hee. True. He says, "What about the new girl?" Kendal says that she'd kill him. Oh my god, that was a long, pointless conversation.

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