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Weird music. Uncomfortable glances back and forth. Crazy time jump. So later, I guess, because Kathryn has her sweater zipped up now, Kathryn drops the act and confesses. "I lied about, um, I was wrong to ask you guys to try to hide Laterrian and I..." blah blah blah "…I didn't mean to. I lied about the whole thing in the beginning, but I've come clean." Yeah, I heard she does. That was either a typical weird B/M transition or Kathryn is really kinda schizo. Or both! Shot of a full moon. Stupid music. Kathryn on an outdoors payphone to Reed. "We had another drag-out, knock-out Kumbaya session," says Kathryn, stealing a page from Theo in terms of nonsense. Floaty K says that she's told Good Will Stunted about the whole situation. "It's weighed very heavily on our relationship, but it's something we'll work through."

Morning swamp shot. Bossa-nova beat. Floaty Kathryn. She and Laterrian will never be close friends. She continues that they made a dumb mistake and chose to do it and blah blah blah. Behind her we see little flashbacks of Reed and Laterrian and the helpful neon "bathroom" sign from the infamous restaurant. Either these are to help us follow the story, or to give us something to look at as Kathryn babbles. She keeps saying how "stupid" it was for "them" to do, but not really. He was just trying to get some. He's single. Hey, here's a girl asking me to go to the bathroom with her. Let's go! Not many men would stop and express concern over the boyfriend back home while the hands are slipping into the pants. I'm just saying. And anyway, I think Laterrian genuinely was interested in her. Jesus, now back to another meeting, called by Kathryn to "share something of herself." Ick. She talks about, even as a kid, having always taken things personally, and Msaada busts her, saying, "Sometimes you're trippin', Kat. Sometimes people aren't even fussing at you." Laterrian shakes his head so hard he grows hair. Kathryn goes on say, "I'm my worst critic." Um, I'm going to have to disagree with that. Check the MBTV boards, honey. I couldn't follow her logic with a pickaxe and a forty-thousand watt bulb: she says that when Theo called her a liar, she couldn't take it. I don't get anything anymore. Suddenly, Laterrian gives a big speech about how brave it was of Kathryn to call this meeting and how glad he is that she isn't leaving (damn!), and if she ever thinks that she wants to leave, she should come talk to him. We're something. We're friends. Blah. They actually, here, have the balls to show shots of nearly all the kids, smiling. Ah…we're all so happy and honest and everything is right as rain again in Shastaland! Puke. Vomit. Ick. Musical cue says, "Never the same," and I'm trying very hard to catch that oh-so-subtle comment on the scene, but my frontal lobe falls out from the strain.

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