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Day. Driving. Shane is crying. He tells us that it's all very emotional for him and that he's been crying for two straight days. (Well, not "straight" days.) Shane is weeping to Kendal that he doesn't owe it to anyone to explain that he's gay, and that it doesn't matter. He then tells us that he's loved a girl before and experienced everything with her and it was wonderful. He goes on to tell the girls (man, Darrell must be, like, riding on top of the RV by now after two days of this) that when he came out to his parents they asked him how he could lead his girlfriend on and blah blah blah fluidsexualitycakes. He adds that he didn't understand the relationship and the feelings, but it was still real. Rachel goes on to point out that they're opposite: "You fell in love with one woman, but you're predominantly attracted to men. And I fell in love with one woman, but I'm predominantly attracted to men." Rachel realizes she fucked up: "Well, the same, but the opposite sex we are," she goes on, butchering the English language to the point where even Darrell is like, "Bitch, learn how to talk right."

God. Shane babbles on about being out and vulnerable and a crab with its shell but almost and it's scary. Kendal rubs his leg, trying to make him go to sleep so they don't have to hear him whine anymore.

Driving. Day. The kids arrive at Southwest Texas State University near Austin. They see a crane hanging in the air. Everyone is excited, except Kendal. Sarah tells us that this is "exactly" what she's been waiting for so she can show her true colors and go "balls to the wall." I thought she already showed her true colors: cute but incredibly lazy. I'm confused.

The kids meet their Mayors on campus. They are Robert and Michelle. A flurry of introductions happen and then MayorRobert says they're going to call this the "Dean's List Bungee Jump." If they pass, they'll earn six-thousand dollars. ExpoEric says that there is a catch. ExpoSarah says it's not as simple as she thought it would be. (The one thing I will say about Sarah's acting is that she does seem to get it up during these post-interviews, where I'd be like, "Oh, yeah. Then there was this stupid bullshit they made us do. God, that sucked.") MayorRobert adds that each kid will have to find two people to jump with, from assigned categories of people. Lordy.

The first. An academic team member, and an athletic team member. Second. A student eating meatloaf in the cafeteria, and the cook who prepared the meatloaf. Third. Physics student. Physics professor. The student body president and the person they defeated. A librarian and someone with overdue books. And a student on the Dean's List, and someone on academic probation.

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