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Eric. Mid-camera-talk. Shane runs up and lays out the gay stripping. Eric smiles very excitedly. "I might. Do you think I should?" he says, all happy. Eric says he'll do it. He titters like a schoolgirl. Or like a "straight" man getting to live out a fantasy but still having an excuse. Shane then camera-talks that they need the money and why not earn it from a gay club? He says they've been to so many straight clubs where he's been "under-appreciated." (Dude, you're the only one who's been getting any!) Shane adds that he's bursting to strip it all off and be the "inner slut" that he wants to be. Okay, okay. That's enough out of you, missy.

Eric pretends he needs a little more convincing, but still agrees to do it. Shane jumps up and down. Eric smiles lovingly into the camera. We sashay to commercials.

RV. Night. Darrell takes it back. I knew it. He's saying that if there were girls there he would strip and he wouldn't care if he lost, but with gay dudes... "That's not me," he says. Yes, Darrell. We know: you are not gay. The girls sorta ask why he said yes at first, and he starts hemming and hawing about how when it was first presented and bleh blah bloo but now it's not "in [his] nature." Shane camera-talks that Darrell and Eric now have backed out. Darrell is just a bigot. I can at least understand his motivation, as wrong as it is. But Eric. He's just a big follower puss-boy.

Club. Kendal is decked out. Shane is not. Shane is dancing and he camera-talks about how much he missed this and how these are his people. Darrell finds a girl, who asks him what he's doing there. He says, "It's the time in the year for new things..." but then he quickly realizes how that sounds and corrects himself.

So now the Ugliest Drag Queen since Drew Carey donned a dress addresses the crowd, introducing contestant #1, Shane. Shane starts dancing to "Hella Good," and then tells us that instead of being sensual and "good," he just ripped his clothes off. Shane does the ripply gay dance we've seen him do in every single episode already. He's in his underwear and dancing. UgQueen says she doesn't hear any crowd noise. That's because Shane sucks. Rachel runs up and slips Shane some money. He's done. UgQueen gives him a fake kiss. The crowd lethargically cheers, only getting hyped when they discover the camera is on them, because gay men love them some press. Shane then tells us that the other contestants dance very well. We see them. Yeah, this one guy at least is better than Shane. I smell an fix.

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