Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Coral is sitting poolside with her feet in the water. Dustin sneaks up and pushes her in. Coral is pissed and storms off. Dustin keeps trying to apologize to her, but she won't talk to him. Finally, Rachel D. takes off her bikini top and gives it to Dustin to cheer him up. She shows off her lack of breast-implant-surgery scars to an uncaring crowd.

Truth or Dare. Rachel D. is told she comes off as slutty and easy, but claims to be religious, and is asked how she reconciles the two. Rachel says she's not slutty, and that it's all talk. The group makes her do a dare, and she has to list off her first impressions of everyone, including someone named Jaclyn that we've never seen before. Malik is asked to describe a fantasy about another cast member, and admits that he's attracted to Nicole. Sophia is asked which girl she would like to have a sexual experience with. She picks Jisela because she likes Puerto Rican girls. Sophia decides to do a dare anyway. Her dare is to ask someone to choose someone else for her to kiss. Sophia chooses Coral, and Coral chooses Jisela. They kiss, and not just a peck. Angel is surprised at Jisela; Coral is too.

Stee: I love that Jisela's name starts with "Jizz." That's funny as hell.
Kim: She was confusing. I'm not sure what to think about her. Except that her mother should be arrested for emotional abuse. Both for her name, and for the crying thing.
Stee: This was one of the funniest lines ever spoken: "Salsa is a whole other level of living!"
Kim: Especially the pronunciation of "salsa." Kicked ass.
Stee: Totally. Fucking hysterical. Plus she said she has a "Platinum Pimp Card." Where do I get me one of them? She has a tongue piercing and kissed the shit out of Sophia. I like her. You know she doesn't have a fucking clue how to foxtrot, though. Liar.

Angel says that he finds Jisela's and Sophia's kissing unappealing. Jisela and Sophia are talking in the bathroom when Angel comes in. Sophia gets the hint and takes off. Jisela explains that she only did it to support Sophia, adding that Sophia asked to kiss again off-camera, and that Jisela turned her down. Angel says that he's not jealous. Jisela thinks that he is scared or disgusted. In an interview, Jisela says that Angel is creepy, and that they have no future together.

Kim: Angel looked like The Rock.
Stee: He did! But stupider.

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Road Rules




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