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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: And more homophobic.
Stee: I love that his sister decided she's a lesbian and alla sudden he's all throwing away all his lesbian porno. All, "Hey, that's not sexy anymore!"
Kim: He is the only straight (allegedly) guy I've ever met who thinks lesbians kissing is disgusting.
Stee: Dude, he fucking cried when Jisela was explaining why she made out with Sophia. Crying!
Kim: And it wasn't like Jisela was chowing box. She just kissed her. And it wasn't like Jisela was his fiancée. He's a baby.
Stee: You said "chowing box."
Kim: I watched the director's commentary of Dogma last night and now I have a filthy mouth. Fucking Kevin Smith.
Stee: "Fucking Kevin Smith," is right. He used to date my neighbor Joey Lauren Adams, and I'd see him outside waiting for a cab all the time, and he never said hello. Dickhead.
Kim: That was, like, three years ago. He's gotten married and had a kid since then. Maybe it's time to let that one go?
Stee: I would let it go, but he still owes me $8.50 for Dogma and $3.00 for when I rented Mallrats. Fucker.
Kim: I would just like to state for the record that I liked both Dogma and Mallrats, and that it has nothing to do with my bizarre crush on Ben Affleck. Well, not much.

Rachel D. organizes a drag show beauty contest for the men. The women help the men get ready, and then serve as judges. Segun is asked to imitate a falling leaf, and for some reason they show it in slow motion. Dustin is pissed because he doesn't condone the drag show. Malik, Clint, and Steve are the finalists, and Steve wins. He gives a speech to the effect that his victory shows you don't need implants to win. Dustin is really, really pissed about the whole thing, and tells everyone that he doesn't endorse the product they are putting out there.

Kim: Rachel D. was, like, forty-two years old.
Stee: She looks like Crystal Bernard. Actually, I think it might have been Crystal Bernard. She was all saying that looks aren't important and that real strength comes from within, and then she showed everyone her titties.
Kim: And no scars! She was just trying to cheer Dustin up, Stee. You would've done the same thing.
Stee: I guess she was trying to cheer Dustin up after he got that terrible tattoo around his neck. Or because no one knows where North Dakota is. Or because he's named "Dustin." Which is funny because it's a verb.

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