Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: I really didn't know there were so many racists and bigots in this world. B/M can sure find them. Takes one. Know one. Again, don't sue me!
Kim: And everyone on the show is either hugely racist, or the most tolerant person in the world. There is no middle ground.
Stee: Yeah. Stupid show.

Show & Tell. Lori shows her security blanket, and cries as she explains that her parents are getting divorced, and that her mother told her that she and her father never loved each other. Clint shows off an Afro wig. Jaclyn shows a picture she drew when she was four. Patrice shows a picture of her family. Jason shows a bottle of liquor. Kevin shows a cross that he keeps in his pocket, and reveals that he had cancer. Kevin explains to Vanessa that when he first was cleared of the cancer, he valued life every day, but then, after a while, he started taking it for granted again. Also, he became religious.

The PCMs gather to make up questions for Truth or Dare. This must have happened on like the first day, but whatever. Coral flips out at Ellen for no reason, and Ellen comments that Coral's cornrows must be too tight. Coral calls Ellen ignorant. Coral says, "You don't want this," indicating herself. Ellen says, "You don't want this." Later, Ellen tells Jisela what happened. Coral goes to Ellen's room, but Ellen wants Coral to leave and orders her out. Coral tells Ellen that she's taking the whole thing too seriously. Ellen keeps telling Coral to "kiss [her] baby ass," while smacking said ass. Coral tells her to put some clothes on, and walks out. Ellen is fuming.

Stee: They were about one boom operator away from hair pulling. Ellen would have got her ass so fucking kicked, though.
Kim: I know I'm supposed to hate Ellen, so it makes me want to like her. But I can't. She sucks.
Stee: I swear, I think Ellen was on the last episode of Chains of Love. You're supposed to love her because you hate her so much, but she's so hateable that you just end up hating her. She and Amaya are probably the suckiest people in the world.
Kim: Well, Shogun was the same way: "We're both beautiful and people are jealous!" Who thinks that way? Where do these people come from?
Stee: I actually do love Ellen, though. She's fucking hysterical. I like? How she ends? Each sentence? With a question mark? Because she has? No true self-esteem? She was even like, "You are the most hypocritical person I have ever met?"

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Road Rules




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