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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: "Kiss my motherfucking baby ass?" It was all a question.
Stee: Look at her left eye sometime. It's crazy. All staring at something else. I think I'm going to call her Left Eye.
Kim: And then she can set Andre Rison's house on fire.
Stee: "I'm a pretty, pretty princess." And she wonders why girls hate her? How can you be that fucking stupid? Seriously. I hope she falls out of the Winnie and dies. I'm going to have to program the word "ho" into my F3 button.
Kim: She wasn't that pretty, even. And I'm not just saying that because my fat ass is jealous.

Truth or Dare. Jason is allowed to ask a question, and asks Coral what she thinks of him. Coral praises him highly. In an interview, Coral thinks that Jason likes her, and says that he will get the wall because he can't handle her. Kevin is asked whether he's ever had dirty thoughts about a PCM. Kevin explains that Lori told him about an experience she had, and it gave him dirty thoughts. Lori is asked with which PCM she would cheat on her boyfriend. We see a montage of all the guys discussing how hot Lori is. Lori says that it would be Kevin. In an interview, Kevin says that he digs Lori, and that if they get on the same show, something will definitely happen between them.

Stee: I thought it was funny how Kevin sort of hid the fact that he is all Christianed out, because the kids hate God and all.
Kim: I didn't like him. I'm probably going to hell, but the cancer thing can't overshadow the fact that he's a smug bastard.
Stee: He is smug. That's what cancer does to you. It makes you live every day for all it's worth. And it makes you think you are the shit. Kevin could play a Russian Mafioso if he didn't open his mouth.
Kim: Now that I think about it, he kind of looked like the Nazi Fuck on Six Feet Under. I can buy the religion stuff -- if I survived cancer, I might get religious. But smugness will not do.
Stee: Yeah, he does look like the Nazi guy. And like Sweep The Leg Johnny, from The Karate Kid.
Kim: Yeah, but a little less blond. Maybe that's why I hate him. No, I hate him because he's smug. Like that little look that Lori liked so much? Sucks.

In an interview, Lori talks about her boyfriend, and how different they are, which is why she knows that they will break up eventually. Lori talks to Kevin and reveals that her boyfriend will be mad when he sees this show; she calls him "emotionally immature." Kevin explains that he has a problem with commitment. He's never cheated on a girlfriend, but he is reluctant to get into relationships.

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Road Rules




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